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1. College has a rich library having more than upto 4600 books

2. Four journals are prescribed
  •  Annals of Library and Information (quarterly)
  •  Economic and Political Weekly
  •  Kurukshetra
  •  Samaj Prabodhan Patrika
  •  Journal of Rural Development (Quarterly)
  •  Udyojak (Marathi)
  •  Journal of English Language Teaching (Bi-monthly)
  •  Yojana (Quarterly)
  •  Spardha Pariksha Naukari (Marathi)
  •  Spardha Pariksha Tayari (Marathi)

3. Four News papers are available.

Rules of the Library are as follows :

Students can open their account in the library after the formalities of admission are completed and admission is finalised. The student will have to produce admission receipt or Identity card provided by the college for it.
Students will be issued books as per the time table planned by the library.
Each student will be issued only ane book at a time.
A student will be allowed to keep a book for one week, if he does not return the book after it, he will be charged 50 paise fine for per day.
If the issued book is lost the student will have to pay the present cost or postage cost of the book. If a student damages a book or other reading material, he will have to pay the compensation for it..
Library runs Book Bank Facility for students. Students can avail it on first come first serve basis.
Clearance certificate will be issued only after students return books and other reading material issued from the library.

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